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"The United Arab Emirates agrees with Barack Obama's remarks last night. Now is time to act against #ISIS & the broader threat of Islamic extremism. The international community needs to respond with an urgent, coordinated, and sustained effort. The UAE values engagement with the world in economic and educational opportunities, women as full partners in society, respect for minorities and for other faiths and most importantly Islam as a religion of peace and compassion”.
-Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba
Atlantic Council Annual Board Dinner

"Violent men who claim to talk on behalf of Islam have nothing whatsoever that connects them to Islam, they are apostates and criminals. Islam is a civilising religion that gives mankind dignity. A Muslim is he who does not inflict evil upon others. Islam is the religion of tolerance and forgiveness, and not of war, one of dialogue and understanding”. 
-The late Shiekh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder & first president of theUnited Arab Emirates ow.ly/Bo7ki

'UAE ready to join anti-ISIL coalition' - The National discusses AmbassadorYousef Al Otaiba's The Wall Street Journal op-ed on how a multinational effort, including the United Arab Emirates could defeat threats posed by ISIS & other terrorist organizations. ow.ly/BkXnC

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba's The Wall Street Journal op-ed stresses urgent need to counter dangers of violent extremism and how a multinational effort could defeat threats posed by ISIS & other terrorist organizations.ow.ly/BjanC

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement strongly condemning acts of terror and criminal practices by violent extremists which undermine regional and international stability and threaten universal humanitarian values, cultural heritage, and norms of tolerance, multiculturalism, and religious diversity. http://ow.ly/B5i8h

United Arab Emirates Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba underscores the UAE’s commitment to challenging extremism: “The UAE is ready to join the international community in an urgent, coordinated and sustained effort to confront a threat that will, if unchecked, have global ramifications for decades to come.” Read his statement in full: http://bit.ly/1ttOaid

Did you know… the United Arab Emirates has an American Football league? The Emirates American Football League is full-contact American Football in the #UAE for players of all skill levels, with a number of training sessions, open try-outs, and skills camps. Members include; The Abu Dhabi WildCats,Al Ain Desert FoxesDubai BarracudasDubai Stallions and more.http://ow.ly/ACelH

Dubai Cares has reached more than 5 million children in 24 developing countries with projects that improve access to primary education by building and renovating schools and classrooms, improving water, sanitation and hygiene in schools, providing school feeding, deworming activities, early childhood education, as well as teacher training, curriculum development, literacy and numeracy. http://ow.ly/ACbPJ

Expanding #UAE's reputation as the regional hub for film, television & media,Twofour54 Abu Dhabi has partnered with FGB Arena, a 27,000sqft multi-use facility to provide even more state-of-the-art choices to the variety of production locations available in the United Arab Emirateshttp://ow.ly/Azg9S