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United Arab Emirates Vice President, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum orders and increase of airlifts to assist the World Health Organization, World Food Programme, International Humanitarian City - IHC, UNRWA & other #Humanitarian organizations in delivering food & medical supplies to victims of #Israeli assaults in #Gaza. ow.ly/A1BHV

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UAE’s education sector has become a central focus for the UAE; its reform and improvement represents a necessity in the country’s ongoing development. Allocating 1/3 of the country’s budget to education, the UAE is poised and working to become a hub for modern, world-class education.

"The greatest use that can be made of wealth is to invest it in generations of educated and trained people".
-Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founder and first president of the United Arab Emirates

Airlifts from the United Arab Emirates carrying thousands of tons in critical supplies of food, medical equipment and shelters for the devastated people of#Gaza continue to arrive in Palestine. Distribution and other support generously provided in partnership with الهلال الاحمر الاماراتي UAE red crescentUNRWAInternational Humanitarian City - IHCWorld Food ProgrammeHis Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and many more. http://ow.ly/zxlaZ

UAE’s International Humanitarian City - IHC is the world’s largest humanitarian and logistics hub, and home to over 50 international organization’s and United Nations Agencies working together to deliver aid across the globe. http://www.ihc.ae

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New issue of Habitat for Humanity's Habitat World features Emirates Foundation for Youth Development Takatof volunteers working in New York, New York and New Jersey communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy.http://ow.ly/zbmat

From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, links between US &United Arab Emirates cities continue to grow, with Etihad Airways' sixth destination to the United States. Daily non-stop flights between San Francisco International Airport (SFO) & Abu Dhabi International Airport will begin in early November, enhancing cultural, business and social connections.http://ow.ly/z8oW2

Looking for something to do in Washington, DC this weekend? How about coming out to Meridian International Center to see the largest collection of Emirati contemporary art in the United States from the some the most notable artists in the United Arab Emirates.
Hurry, Sunday is the last day. See you there! ow.ly/z31Z9

TIME Magazine highlights how Dubai's 'Mall of the World' could lead the way in environmentally responsible urban planning, incorporating technology that will reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. #MalloftheWorld.
Video made possible by Dubai Holdinghttp://ow.ly/yX6qd

#PastForward, the largest collection of #Emirati contemporary art on exhibit in the United States, currently at Meridian International Center until July 13 reflects United Arab Emirates' rapid development into a modern, open and tolerant country, while maintaining its rich heritage. Cultural exchanges like these continue to build productive bridges of understanding and friendship between the #US & #UAE. 

CNN's Becky Anderson speaks with United Arab Emirates's first female fighter pilot. F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot Maryam Al Mansoori shares her story on how determination, hard work and a sense of duty for her country, along with ‪#‎UAE‬ leadership’s support of women in all fields helped her break through and achieve her goals.